Recognition of Excellence in our Volunteers

Recognition of Excellence in our VolunteersThe Butler County Emergency Services Department is proud to relaunch a new initiative aimed to recognize and reward the First Responder Volunteers of Butler County.

The initiative is called Recognition of Excellence in our Volunteers (REV) Program.

First Responders/Emergency Service Volunteers are an important part of our daily lives. In 2017, police departments, medical (EMS) and fire companies in Butler County responded to over 125,142 calls. Fire companies alone responded to over 9500 calls averaging about 26 calls per day. The volunteers who respond to these calls risk their safety and well-being as well as sacrifice their time with family and friends.

REV is an incentive program and is also a distinctive way for our community to express our thanks, appreciation, and gratitude for the many men and women who volunteer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year!

How Does It Work?

First Responders/Emergency Service Volunteers may apply for a REV program ID card by completing a form from Butler County Emergency Services. Along with filling out the form volunteers must have approval from their respective chief, team leader etc. as well as photo in order for their card to be processed. The form will verify that the individual is an active First Responder/Emergency Service Volunteer.

By presenting the REV ID card, First Responders/Emergency Service Volunteers will receive discounts on goods and services at the time of purchase as Recognition of Excellence for their invaluable service that they provide to our community day in and day out.

Participating Businesses

Businesses within Butler County will submit a sponsorship form indicating they would like to participate in REV. The submitted form will indicate what discount(s) on good(s) and service(s) the business will offer to the REV participating, credentialed volunteers. The business will be listed on our website and Facebook page as well as receive a window decal identifying they are a REV participating business!

The sponsorship is valid for 2 years and can be cancelled at any time.

Please Join REV Today!

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Marree by email or call 724-284-5211.

Contribution/Program Offering is available to credentialed Butler County Volunteers and First Responders only (must present ID at the time of purchase!)

Discount Information

For more information on specific discounts currently available through REV, please access the REV Program Category in our business directory!