Payment Methods

Only attorney/bank certified checks, us money orders, cash or credit card payment will be accepted for county filing fees. No personal/estate checks for county fees will be accepted. Checks may be used for legal journal and inheritance tax payments.

Where to Send Payments

  • For probate fees, send payments to "Register of Wills".
  • For advertising, to "Butler County Legal Journal".

The Estate name must be listed on checks.


  • All other requests for mailings (e.g., short certificates, receipts, photocopies, etc.) must include self-addressed, stamped envelope of adequate size and postage to cover request.
  • All Petitions for Letters must be signed by the personal representative in our presence (signed exactly as named in will along with typed name and address).
  • Any unopened estate still pending after six months will be sent to archival storage.
  • Attorney of Record must include a signature in addition to ID number, typed name, address, and phone number on all filings.
  • Bonds are required for all out-of-state administrators and executors (if not specifically excused from same in will). Bonds will also be required in any estate where there are minor children or any other circumstance where Register deems it appropriate.
  • Decedent must have been a Butler County resident at the time of death.
  • Estate number, if any, must appear on Inheritance Tax filings.
  • No “unknown” values will be accepted for gross estate. A reasonable estimated value will be the basis for the initial filing fees charged. Any difference in amounts will be billed at the time of filing the Inheritance Tax Return.
  • Non-subscribing witness(es) must appear in person to sign.
  • Renunciations must be notarized (if done outside of office).
  • Subscribing witness forms must be notarized, if done outside of office.