Tax Claim Bureau

The Butler County Tax Claim Bureau is responsible to collect and distribute delinquent Real Estate Taxes for the county, municipalities and school districts in the most effective manner.

Tax Sales

The Butler County Tax Claim Bureau participates in three kinds of sales on a yearly basis to consolidate the seated lands in the county for delinquent taxes. The second Monday of September every year, the Bureau will conduct an Upset Sale: this is the first sale that a property must go through. At this sale, properties that are two years delinquent in taxes will be auctioned. As a bidder in this sale, you will be responsible for all past due taxes, liens, mortgages, etc. If the property remains unsold, it will go to the Judicial Sale.

For a Judicial Sale, bid price will start at costs plus deed recording and transfer fees, property will be sold free and clear as long as all parties are properly notified. If the property remains unsold, it will be placed on our Repository List.

The Repository List, the Bureau keeps an updated listing of the properties sitting in the repository, to bid on them, you must fill out a bid form. We will then present the highest bid to the three taxing districts for their approval. Property is sold free and clear of past due taxes and liens.

Upset Tax Sale

Judicial Sale

Repository Sale

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