Information Technology

Butler County Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for all computers, network, and other technology for Butler County Government.


  • Research and advise other departments on software and hardware purchases for the county
  • Acquisition, set-up and installation of new hardware and software
  • Design, install, and maintain the network infrastructure of the county
  • Research and trouble-shoot hardware and software issues
  • Provide Help Desk support to all employees
  • Maintain records on all equipment from acquisition to sale or disposal
  • Maintain email and internet services, and website development and usages
  • Responsible for all hardware and software maintenance and licensing

Supported Equipment

The IT Department supports over 650 workstations and 300 printers connected across the County network. 

Also supported are approximately 75 servers that store data files and provide other functions for County employees. 

Policies & Procedures

Clear and concise policies and procedures are in place and have been communicated to all employees to insure quality purchases and the ethical use of electronic resources.