Intern Information

Butler County Juvenile Court Services – Intern Information

Butler County Juvenile Court Services is dedicated to providing unpaid hands-on internship/practicum experiences to qualified graduate or undergraduate students in the following majors: Criminal Justice, Sociology, Psychology, Social Work or a related field. Students will receive practical education through assignment to a Juvenile Probation Officer mentor.

What does an internship cover?


Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Justice System goals of balanced and restorative justice will be operationalized by students through opportunities to:

  • conduct investigations and formulate supervision plans
  • participate in home and residential placement visits
  • monitor juvenile offenders in the community
  • make verbal and written reports/recommendations to the Juvenile Court

How could I become an Intern?


Interested students can submit their resume, school attending and major with the number of hours required for their internship. The required start date and end date of the internship should be included.

Potential Interns must obtain their child abuse clearance and a criminal background check. When completed, they should be submitted along with an employment application found here: BUTLER COUNTY JOB APPLICATION to Jodi Pugh at

Once all of the pertinent information is received, the student will be contacted for an internship.