Announcements Related to COVID-19

Please be aware you are required to wear a mask at all times.

Civil Court: In-person Motions Court has resumed

All jury selection has been postponed until further notice.

Credit Conciliation Conferences are suspended until March 2021.

Any questions regarding MDJ hearings or filings should be directed to the individual MDJ Office:

Butler City 50-3-05: 724-431-4854
Butler Twp. 50-1-01: 724-284-5370
Chicora 50-3-02: 724-445-3366
Cranberry 50-3-04: 724-772-1717
Evans City 50-3-06: 724-538-3960
Saxonburg 50-3-03: 724-352-9476
Slippery Rock 50-3-01: 724-794-6221