2023 Municipal General Election Information (November 7th)


  • For useful information please read Running for Local Office (PDF)
  • Click here for an unofficial candidate listing. 
  • If you are a resident of Adams Twp, Connoquenessing Twp, Cranberry Twp, Jackson Twp, or Middlesex Twp please click here as your precinct may have been split and your polling location may have been changed.

Sample Ballots


Adams Twp 1 (PDF)Adams Twp 2 (PDF)Adams Twp 3 (PDF)Adams Twp 4 (PDF)
Adams Twp 5 (PDF)Allegheny Twp (PDF)Brady Twp (PDF)Buffalo Twp 1 (PDF)
Buffalo Twp 2 (PDF)Buffalo Twp 3 (PDF)Butler Twp 1-1 (PDF)Butler Twp 1-2 (PDF)
Butler Twp 2 (PDF)Butler Twp 3 (PDF)Butler Twp 4 (PDF)Butler Twp 5 (PDF)
Butler Twp 6 North (PDF)Butler Twp 6 South (PDF)Center Twp 1 (PDF)Center Twp 2 (PDF)
Center Twp 3 (PDF)Cherry Twp (PDF)Clay Twp (PDF)Clearfield Twp (PDF)
Clinton Twp (PDF)Concord Twp (PDF)Connoq. Twp 1 (PDF)Connoq. Twp 2 (PDF)
Cranberry Twp East 1 (PDF)Cranberry Twp East 2 (PDF)Cranberry Twp East 3 (PDF)Cranberry Twp West 1 (PDF)
Cranberry Twp West 2 (PDF)Cranberry Twp West 3 (PDF)Cranberry Twp West 4 (PDF)Cranberry Twp West 5 (PDF)
Cranberry Twp West 6 (PDF)Cranberry Twp West 7 (PDF)Cranberry Twp West 8 (PDF)Donegal Twp (PDF)
Fairview Twp (PDF)Forward Twp (PDF)Franklin Twp (PDF)Jackson Twp 1 (PDF)
Jackson Twp 2 (PDF)Jefferson Twp 1 (PDF)Jefferson Twp 2 (PDF)Lancaster Twp (PDF)
Marion Twp (PDF)Mercer Twp (PDF)Middlesex Twp 1 (PDF)Middlesex Twp 2 (PDF)
Middlesex Twp 3 (PDF)Muddycreek Twp (PDF)Oakland Twp (PDF) Parker Twp (PDF)
Penn Twp East (PDF)Penn Twp West (PDF)Slippery Rock Twp (PDF)Summit Twp North (PDF)
Summit Twp South (PDF)Venango Twp (PDF)Washington Twp (PDF)Winfield Twp (PDF)
Worth Twp (PDF)


Bruin Boro (PDF) 
Callery Boro (PDF) 
Cherry Valley Boro (PDF) 
Chicora Boro (PDF) 
Connoquenessing Boro (PDF) 
East Butler Boro (PDF) 
Eau Claire Boro (PDF) 
Evans City Boro (PDF) 
Fairview Boro (PDF) 
Harmony Boro (PDF) 
Harrisville Boro (PDF) 
Karns City Boro (PDF) 
Mars Boro (PDF) 
Petrolia Boro (PDF) 
Portersville Boro (PDF) 
Prospect Boro (PDF) 
Saxonburg Boro (PDF) 
Seven Fields Boro (PDF) 
Slippery Rock Boro (PDF) 
Valencia Boro (PDF) 
West Liberty Boro (PDF) 
West Sunbury Boro (PDF) 
Zelienople Boro 1 (PDF) 
Zelienople Boro 2 (PDF) 
Zelienople Boro 3 (PDF) 


Butler City 1 (PDF) 
Butler City 2 (PDF) 
Butler City 3 (PDF) 
Butler City 4-1 (PDF) 
Butler City 4-2 (PDF)Butler City 5 (PDF) 

2023 Election Calendar