What are the filing requisites for Orphans' Court?
  • All Orphans' Court filings must have cover sheet with Attorney information (name, ID number, phone number, fax, email, etc.).
  • Include only one name per case number/filing.
  • Original death certificate, original Will (if any), Consents/Joinders, and copy of REV1500 must be included in all Small Estate Petitions. Two original REV1500 must be filed with the Register of Wills prior to or simultaneously with the Small Estate Petition.
  • Orphans' Court captions must be correct. If not, you will be required to file a Motion to Correct Caption. A "per correction" fee will be charged in addition to filing fees

All other requests for mailings (e.g, certified orders, receipts, photocopies, etc.) must include self-addressed, stamped envelope of adequate size and postage to cover request.

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