What financial metrics might be used by the BCIB Program to assess credit worthiness/Applicant qualifications?

In order to be considered for financing through the BCIB Program, all Applicants must demonstrate credit worthiness. The evaluation of credit worthiness will include, but is not limited to, the following factors, which may be adjusted by the County as deemed necessary:

  • Ability to demonstrate an investment grade rating (Standard and Poor’s BBB-rating or its equivalent. If a rating is not available, then the County may conduct a review using an equivalent methodology to be determined by the County).
  • Ability to demonstrate compliance with submitting audited financial statements for the most recent three-year period.
  • All Applicants must not be in default of any financial obligations.

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1. What is the Butler County Infrastructure Bank (BCIB) Program?
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8. What financial metrics might be used by the BCIB Program to assess credit worthiness/Applicant qualifications?
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