What is child neglect?

Factors to Consider

There are many factors to consider when it comes to child neglect. For example, the Agency considers things like:

  • Adequate housing
  • Educational needs
  • Food
  • Medical care
  • Mental health needs
  • Utilities, etc.

More Serious Neglect

More serious neglect can:

  • Cause bodily injury
  • Endanger a child's life or health
  • Impair a child's health, development, or functioning
  • Threaten a child's well-being

In Pennsylvania, this serious physical neglect is considered a form of child abuse (for more information review the frequently asked question "What is child abuse?"). 

Serious physical neglect includes a repeated, prolonged or egregious failure to supervise a child in a manner that is appropriate considering the child's age, development, or functioning, and the failure to provide the essentials of life, including food, shelter, or medical care.

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