Commissioner Geyer

Kimberly Geyer is a life-long resident of Mars Area, Butler County. A 1984 graduate of Butler County Community College, Kim entered the workforce employed for eleven years as a flight attendant for USAir, Inc. which provided Kim with a world-view education through travel and experiences. While working for USAir, she learned that many flight attendants were also various small business owners and at the age of 23, she invested into her first small business.

While raising two young children at home, Kim worked with her husband, Bob, who was self-employed running a construction business called Geyer Construction. Kim managed the field and business office. Kim has brought three decades of small business experience to the Butler County Government Center serving as one of three county commissioners. Kim understands the challenges of sustaining employees with steady, full-time work, and meeting a bi-weekly payroll while running a business.

Kim served on the Mars School Board for twelve years and as President of the school board for six years. Prior to school board service, Kim was a grassroots education activist at the state level and active in Harrisburg defending school districts, students, and taxpayers against the proposed curriculum and policies associated with Outcome Based Education and Chapter 4 education regulations. Kim worked with numerous state legislators and the Republican Caucus in providing hardcopy documentation/ research and retrieving data and information for legislators in both the House and the Senate of Pennsylvania, prior to the birth of the internet. The demand for her legislative policy activity resulted in her entrepreneurial consulting services known as Mars Research & Retrieval Services.

Kim serves as an ex officio on the Butler County Community College Board of Trustees. She has served on the community college board for over ten years either as a trustee or in her role as a county commissioner. Kim served two terms as one of four executive officers on the state board of the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges.

Kim worked in Butler County government for four years as County Commissioner William McCarrier’s assistant from 2011-2015 prior to becoming a county commissioner herself in 2016. Kim’s diverse background, education, and real-life experiences have prepared Kim to serve the people of Butler County in many capacities as their county commissioner. Kim’s boots on the ground mentality and blue-collar work ethic enable her to work with many people and entities throughout the county, region, and commonwealth to accomplish projects for the greater good of Butler County. You’ll find Kim working on solutions to county issues pertaining to aviation, roads, intersections, bridges, water, sewer, economic development, education, crime, human services, county operations and services, transportation, business, leadership, traffic lights, public safety, emergency services, and so on. It’s not uncommon to find Kim walking or working in the farmlands of Butler County in her boots, or along the highways in her hardhat and reflective vest. Kim is versatile as a county commissioner who is comfortable wherever she is and is honored to serve the people of Butler County in the capacity of county commissioner each and every day.

 Kim has been married to Bob Geyer for thirty-seven years and resides on a farm in Adams Township with their English Bulldog named Dozer. Kim and Bob have two adult children who are married, and they and their families reside in Adams and Middlesex Townships.