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How to Meet Your Reporting Obligations

All candidates and political committees must periodically report their contributions and expenditures. Candidates for statewide office, or for state legislative offices, or for Courts of Common Pleas must file their original reports with the Secretary of the Commonwealth. In addition, they must file copies with the local election office in the county in which they reside, not in each county their district touches.

Local candidates must file their reports with the county elections office in the county where nominating petitions are normally filed for that office.

Active / Dormant

Committees that remain active but are "dormant", such as when an incumbent is not a candidate in a given year, may usually fulfill their obligations by filing an annual report by January 31 each year. Candidates which are in an active election year must file before and after the Primary and the General election. Candidates are given full schedules when they get their candidate information packets. In addition, there are state-mandated forms to use to form a political committee and for a candidate to use to authorize a political committee to act on his or her behalf. Most of these forms are available as Adobe PDF files:

Reports / Statements

Campaign Finance Report (DSEB-502)

The Campaign Finance Report (DSEB-502) form (PDF) is intended for the use of candidates, political committees and contributing lobbyists that are required to disclose contributions and expenditures. (Further instructions are available with the form).

Campaign Finance Statement (DSEB-503)

You may file the Campaign Finance Statement (DSEB-503) (PDF) in lieu of a full report when the amount of contributions (including in-kind contributions) received, the amount of money expended, and the liabilities incurred each did not exceed $250 during the reporting period. (Further instructions are available with the form).

Political Committee Registration Statement (DSEB-500)

Use the Political Committee Registration Statement (DSEB-500) (PDF) form to register a new political committee. You may also use it to amend the original registration when the committee appoints a new chairperson or treasurer or changes any other required information.

Authorization for a Political Committee to Receive Funds on Behalf of a Candidate (DSEB-501)

The Pennsylvania Election Code provides that no treasurer of a political committee shall receive any money on behalf of a candidate until such a political committee has been authorized in writing by the candidate on a form designed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. View the Authorization for a Political Committee to Receive Funds on Behalf of a Candidate (DSEB-501) form (PDF). (Further instructions are available with the form).

Independent Expenditure Reporting Form (DSEB-505)

If you make an Independent Expenditure (PDF) (an expenditure not in cooperation or consultation with any candidate or candidate's political committee) to influence the outcome of the election of a candidate or ballot question. You must file this report if the expenditure exceeds $100 in a calendar year. (Further instructions are available with the form).

Late Contributions - 24 Hour Report

Section 1628 of the Campaign Finance Reporting Law
Requires that any candidate or political committee authorized by a candidate and created solely for the purpose of influencing an election on behalf of that candidate shall report the late contributions. This is true if they receive any contribution or pledge of $500 or more after the final pre-primary/pre-election report has been deemed completed. This must happen within 24 hours of receipt of the contribution. 

These contributions must be reported through and including the day of the primary/election. You may file this report by telegram, mailgram, and overnight mail, facsimile at 724-284-5197 or by email. The filing of reports via facsimile or email applies only to the 24 reports late contribution report and does not remove the obligation to also report those contributions on the appropriate post-primary/post-election expense report filing. Please contact our office for specific reporting dates for late contribution reports. View the Late Contributions - 24 Hour Report (PDF)

Finance Laws
The campaign finance laws are serious, and failure to file the necessary reports can cause serious fines and penalties, including forfeiture of office. No successful candidate may take office until all reports have been filed. All campaign finance filing is public information and is available for inspection in our offices during normal business hours.

Hard Copy Reports

Hard copy reports filed by candidates/committees are available for review in the Election Bureau between the hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.