About Us

What Is the Purpose of Butler County Children & Youth?

Butler County ShieldButler County Children and Youth Agency is an agency that is governed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare to investigate the allegations of abuse and neglect of children, and when necessary, intervene to protect children from abuse and neglect.

Our Mission

The Butler County Children and Youth Agency serves the community by investigating child abuse and neglect allegations and assessing the risk and safety of children as mandated by federal and state laws. 

Our goal is to preserve the family unit and provide timely permanence for children by collaborating with natural supports and community resources.


Butler County Children and Youth Agency has 31 Caseworkers. These include:

  • 2 Call Screeners
  • 2 Family Engagement Workers
  • 12 Investigators
  • 15 Ongoing Caseworkers

The Agency employs 7 Supervisors with a breakdown of:

  • 3 Intake Supervisors
  • 3 Ongoing Supervisors
  • 1 Intake/Ongoing Supervisor


Children and Youth is ultimately overseen by the Board of Commissioners, with a Human Services Director, Executive Director, and Assistant Director below them.

There is also a Human Services Finance Director who oversees the Fiscal Department.

  1. Intake & Investigation Unit
  2. Ongoing Unit

Reports to the Agency are received by a caseworker call screener. The call screener reviews reports with an intake supervisor to discuss the need to open an investigation.

Some reports do not meet the standards of abuse, neglect, or safety concerns that initiate an investigation.

Response Timelines

If a report is determined by the State Abuse Hotline, ChildLine, to be an abuse referral, the caseworker is required to make first contact no later than 24 hours from the time of the report. 

If there is a potential current safety threat to a child, the investigator responds immediately. 

If the referral is a neglect or safety concern, it is assigned to an intake/investigation caseworker and the Supervisor assigns a time frame in which they are required to make initial contact to assess safety. 

Investigation Period

The investigation period can last up to 60 days and if it is determined that the case needs to remain open for services, it is then transferred to an Ongoing Unit.