Hotel Bed Tax Payments

The Butler County Treasurer’s Office accepts online payments for HOTEL BED TAXES. No more need to write checks for hotel bed tax remittances or physically mail in your Monthly Hotel Bed Tax Report.  Reports may be emailed to

Payment methods accepted 

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • E-check

Total transaction will include either a $2.50 or 2.95% service fee* (whichever is greater) if using a debit or credit card.

E-check payments are a flat $2.00 service fee and will be included in your total payment. This requires the provision of your checking/savings account number and bank routing number.

Your statement will reflect 2 line items for the transaction:

1. Amount of payment paid over to the Butler County Treasurer’s Office

2. Service Fee associated with the processing of your payment.*

*Service Fees are assessed by the credit card processor, not by the Butler County Treasurer