Poll Workers

Poll Workers Needed

Butler County is in need of individuals who will serve as Election Board members in various voting precincts throughout the county. To become a Poll Worker, please fill out the Poll Worker Interest Form.

Elections Are Vital to Democracy

The poll workers who work on Election Day at the polling places are vital to the successful operation of an election.

Poll workers are completely trained in all aspects of the election process including the operation of the voting equipment. Your duties would involve being at the polling place from 6:00 am to approximately 9:00 pm on Election Day, twice a year. You will be paid between $185 and $200 per day depending on the position.

Interested in Becoming a Poll Worker

If you are interested in becoming a Poll Worker, there are two ways to sign up. You can fill out and submit the online Poll Worker Interest Form, or call the Bureau of Elections at (724) 284-5308 and ask to speak with our Poll Worker Coordinator. Your involvement is very important!

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